Thursday, December 3, 2009

B-64 in Teacup Scheme

To add to my collection of B class photos I am posting these two black and white photos of B 64 on a train of GH wagons. My notes don't say where but I think possibly north-west Victoria I am thinking in the Summer c1984? But possibly this is earlier due to the lack of radio stickers on the nose.

Bs &Ss_0002

Bs &Ss_0003

While I am never going to be a Peter Vincent or Rob O’Regan I thought the images show something of the beast.


stuart t said...


The B class appears to be on the former Bunninyong branch at ballarat East, facing in the down direction. The line of trees in the background is quite distinctive and runs along the southern fenceline of the Ballarat East loco depot. The two lines in the foreground is the mainline, the two behind lead into the light repair centre. The line of rollingstock behind them is sitting on the 'mallee root road' waiting repair.

Stuart T

IainS said...

Thanks Stuart,

that sort of fits in with my recollections of where I was at the time.


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