Friday, April 2, 2010

It was on fire when I lay down on it

The title of this post refers to the opening of an insurance claim regarding a burning bed and serves to point out the inevitable consequences of things not being right at the start.

I refer to my Steam Era Models IA “Tommy Bent” wagon. as a case in point. I think the kit was bought for me by Jane in 2004 when I was housebound with a broken foot. She made the trek to Toms in West Ryde and bought me some kits (much to the surprise of the Toms crew).

Now the kit is basically the short 4 wheel underframe from the M wagon kit and a new “box” to go on it. However, you do have to trim the M wagon underframe to fit the “box” as a bit projects on each side.

Now as I look at the IA wagon in 2010 I see misaligned sides, gaps filled with body putty which has got everywhere obscuring the interior details of the wagon all stemming from the indisputable fact that I didn't cut the body square!

Picture 65

All the fitting and fiddling stems from my neglect of this basic task.

The model is salvageable, after all the wagons did look quite battered and distorted by the ‘60s, and with something to go in the interior the odd blobs of putty will be hidden.

Still I should learn to cut straight!

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South Coast Rail said...

Hi Iain,
I thought thats what you were modelling a 'bent' wagon. You seem by the photo to have got it right.
Broken foot, bent wagon, seems like you're on the right track.

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