Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Waiting for the Flood that didn't come

Every so often working as a consultant has its
interesting moments. On January 12 Jane heard
on the radio that the largest tide for the year was happening at 9:30am. Well we grabbed Alistair and our cameras and headed down to Bayview Park, Sydney to see the fun.

Well as you can see, it wasn't exactly a Tsunami or of Biblical proportions.

In fact we, that is the people who also rushed down to see the flood, all thought the tide had been much higher a few we
eks ago where the water reached the path the bloke in the photo is standing on. But not on this day.

Apparently the tide did r
each the high level but in the absence of flooding and with the harbour being calm this is what we got. It was a good indication of what might be expected from the "Greenhouse effect" which made me think "is that all". I'm sure it isn't as simple as just a high tide.

Still the local mangroves got a good soaking and appeared suitably flooded and mysterious.

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