Friday, February 13, 2009

Knacked in Nagasaki

Its been a wet day in Nagasaki today. After viewing the commuter rush we headed out to view the "battleship island" , Hashima Island, (sometimes also called Gunkanjima Island) our trip was cancelled due to bad weather but we went to a rather ordinary museum on the subject instead. We could see the island from the coast.

Apart from these photos we learned nothing new and wasted the morning being led astray when there was so much more to be seen. We drove back into town where after a brief stop at a telegraph station we went to the Kosuge Ship repair dock. This dates from 1868 and was the first patent slip in Japan. The slip and the engines were modernised in 1937 but the original engine and 1901 boiler are still there. This is a realy great site with lots of interest. Of course I had to find mud to step in and dust to lean against much to the amusemt of our party.


Anonymous said...

Hi Darling - at least it was only dust and mud - much easier to deal with than flour in a lebanese bread bakery!! Hope the rest of the day was more productive and interesting.

IainS said...

I thought of the Lebanese bakery when it happened.

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