Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ships and Cranes

The Mitsubshi shipyards were an important industry in the Nagasaki area. They were established as the Nagasaki Ironworks in 1857 with help from Dutch naval engineers as a government facility. However after the Mejii restoration the shipyards were run by Mitsubshi-sha headed by Yanosuke Iwasaki.

There is an excellent museum on the site in the former wood-pattern shop. This contains a number of pieces of important machinery and documents relating to ship construction.

Of course the discovery of a 1909 Hammerhead Crane by William Arrol still working in the Mitsubishi shipyards was a plus as was the fact that we could go in and photograph it.

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Anonymous said...

Hey a hammerhead crane - that was great! Pity the sky was so overcast, wasn't it. You'll have to send them a photo of the Garden Island crane (if it is classified top secret, that is). How high is the crane and how much can it lift? The slipway looks to be in ok condition - was it? The display re the island looks interesting - shame about the not preserved state of the island but I suppose at some stage nobody thought it was that important!

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