Monday, March 9, 2009

Forestville Model Railway Exhibition 2009

The Forestville show is always one I look forward to as it can be quite interesting, although often it is a bit samey. Last weekend was typical – the mostly the same layouts with the same issues.

Forestville09 2 001

Here is the main hall from the stage showing that at 10:30 on a Sunday the show was quite well attended although there didn't seem to be the same number of stands and non train stands seem to have expanded.

One of my pet hates is going to a layout and seeing nothing happening – this seemed to be the case with both Dungog and Main Line Mk2. Surely a simple rehearsed sequence of trains would solve the problem and engage the public.

In contrast Bridport had a choreographed and narrated sequence which packed the people in.

Forestville09 2 017Still there is a lot to learn from Dungog. I really love this area on the layout because of the high quality of the scenic work. Especially I like the trees and the texture and colour of the cutting.

Forestville09 2 021

Here it is looking the other direction and you can see how it captures the feel of an Australian scene.

When I make a layout it will be hard to live up to this standard.

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