Friday, March 13, 2009

Winning isn't everything…but

We all know this but it is nice to be able to report that I won the raffle for the door prize at the inaugural Small Business Book Club run by the City of Canada Bay and the Department of State and Regional Development. Cover

The prize was a copy of Louise Woodbury’s book on the subject of taking time out from a business in order to recharge your batteries but also to refocus and restructure your business goals. She was very positive about the effects of this approach and the changed mindset that can result from the break.

We are lucky in Canada Bay that the Council is very positive towards small business and actively supports the development of small and micro businesses in their area largely because of the balance it brings to the suburbs, dragging them back from being simply dormitory suburbs.

Normally Jane wins all these things so I was happy to win a prize for once!

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