Monday, June 14, 2010

Gems from the Epping Model Railway Exhibition (12th June 2010)

SDS Models released a 3 pack of MC Cattle wagons at the Epping exhibition. These were introduced from 1974 when the Victorian Railways trialled several WAGR 20' cattle containers. This trial was successful and the Railways placed an order for 50 MC Cattle containers with Loadmaster at Woodend. The versatility of this design meant the cattle containers could be loaded individually onto four wheeled flat wagons like KQ and KMQ or loaded in threes on longer FQF bogie flat wagons. From my perspective this versatility is what attracted me to the models as they could mix in with my SEM “M” wagons on a branch line.

Photos of the newly released Mc Cattle container by SDS

Side view (above), corner and roof (below().

Photos of the newly released Mc Cattle container by SDSPhotos of the newly released Mc Cattle container by SDS

They are quite light at 6g. You can slip a modellers knife in the slides and remove the bottom to add weight/cattle. A bit of weathering and they are good to go.

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Julian Watson said...

Hi Iain,

I have constructed Model Etch's (see my blog at http:/ and was considering scratch building a MC unit. However, after seeing the pictures of SDSs efforts, I may reconsider. I enjoy scratch building. However, I doubt that I could replicate the fine detail achieved in their model.

How much is SDS asking for the three pack? I guess they're timing it well with Auscision's release of the KMQ...!


PS: Like your blog.

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