Monday, June 14, 2010

Team Alistair pounds the pavement!

MS Walk a serious dog

Yes, we did the MS –Walk on the 6th. Fortunately the threatened rain only emerged in the afternoon well after we had go home. Team Alistair consisted on myself, Jane, cousin Nic and his wife Jude and sister in law Margaret and her daughter Lou and of course our very own Alistair.

Ms Walk Iain and Al Here is Alistair encouraging the team to get a move on!

MS Walk Nic and Al Nic and Alistair celebrating the end of the Walk.

My GPS said we’d done just over11 km, not bad for a 9km walk! More importantly MS-Australia got over $3000 from Team Alistair.

The services that MS-Australia supply, such as lots of advice, for  the newly diagnosed, for families and on on-going research (every few months a “cure” is reported and these are often explained in realistic terms by MS Australia’s doctors) are really important to MS sufferers.

I remember being told that when Dad was diagnosed there really wasn't any support and he was left to stoically suffer as befitted someone with an “incurable” disease. Nowadays there is so much more in the way of support and guidance from initial diagnosis to support for various therapies and  living with MS.

So to all who supported Team Alistair – a big thank you, it’s a great cause you have supported!

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