Saturday, July 9, 2011

The mysterious 8118

A favourite place of mine to spot trains is the Carrington coal loader at East Mayfield.this area is adjacent to the old BHP Steelworks – the main boundary road is Selwyn Street. Selwyn Street crosses a railway line – leading, I think, to the One Steel wire works.

On this siding on 27th January 2009 was 8118

Newcastle Jan09 8118

Several years later I returned to the same area – in fact last week was the same locomotive in the same place!

East Mayfield 8118

It was still there on the 7th July two days later.

Newcastle01 8118

The question I had was – had it ever moved! But a check of Nearmap and Google Earth showed it was not there several times between now and 2009 and it seems my observations were merely coincidence. However it is interesting to spot the changes over the last few years.

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Iain Robinson said...

A rather brutish, yet strangely alluring machine, it has a powerful charm all of it's own. Your co-incidence reminds me of my student days in Manchester when, week after week, a Leyland Atlantean bus, fleet number 1836, followed my mates and I all over Lancashire. Wherever we were, it would appear- if we weren't already riding on it!

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