Sunday, July 31, 2011

A long time ago at Lake Condah

LCD 300dpi Edited

This is the crew at the excavations of the Lake Condah Dormitory run by the Victoria Archaeological Survey in December 1986. The photo was taken on the 20th December and I found it today in some files.

I am going to have a go at some names but not the spelling!!


David Clark, Chris West, Noel Pearce, ??, Robin Stocks, Albert Clarke?? Arthur Cole, Peter Fergusson, Jenny ??, John Evans, Andrea Warren, David Rhodes, Gary Nelson ,Mike McIntyre, Katrina Geering, Cathy McIntyre


Jill Gallaher, Stewart Simmons, Rebecca Barry, IMS, Fiona Weaver, Min Ho, Brenna McIntyre, Barry Golding.

I am open to corrections, additional information and comments.

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Gary Vines said...

looks like Russell Coight on the bottom right end.
( from helen laffin)

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