Saturday, August 20, 2011

Getting people involved in the hobby

What is the purpose of a model train show? To me it seems to serve two main purposes; firstly, to show off our hobby and secondly to encourage and inspire people to joint in. While there is allot of dispute about how to do this (and while I have some views myself about presentation of layouts) I wanted to post about one person who seems to be getting people involved in a practical and fun way. I am referring to Geoff Nott.

Geoff and his friends runs hands on scenery making demonstrations mainly for kids at many of the Sydney model railway shows

Hands On Scenery Demonstration - Geoff Nott and friends. Geoff in action

Geoff at work at the Castle Hill show (note the enthusiastic kids and parents).

Hands On Scenery Demonstration - Geoff Nott and friends. Examples of his techniques.

For the more restrained there are also displays of how to convert odds and ends into wonderful scenery.

I think this approach is really where model railway shows should be going namely; involving the general public in the hands on aspects of the hobby to get them to feel that model railwaying is more than a few greying over 50’s blokes chatting with their mates.

It helps that Geoff is a friendly bloke who seems always ready to pass on his considerable skills in modelling.

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